Our History

One might ask (only if you are really bored), how this website got its name. Well, here lies the funny story.

Foremost Craig’s List® and Angie’s List® were both taken; strike one and two! The next proposed name was Evan’s List which was based on my name and the “email only” predecessor of this website. Unfortunately, Evan’s List (www.evanslist.com) was already taken by Evan Rissi, a writer, comedian and actor based in Toronto, Canada. Now for those of you that know me, I am a huge Rush fan. Of course, the Hall of Fame members of Rush coincidentally hail from
The Great White North. That being said, I really liked the tie-in and offered to buy his domain name. Regretfully, he only accepted Canadian currency! Although tempting, I also declined his suggestion to change my name to Bob and simply call my new project Bob’s List.

Legal Eagle (www.legaleagle.com) was the next logical candidate for this endeavor but of course, Reichstein Law, located in Chicago, Illinois, had already secured it.

Finally after spending trillions of dollars on marketing research including focus groups and blind taste tests, three alternatives were recommended, i.e. Everything Legal List (ELL), Instant Legal List (ILL) and Anything Legal List® (ALL).

Our executives had to shy away from using Everything Legal List (ELL) to avoid any confusion and possible litigation by 80′s supermodel Elle Macpherson, and/or the French fashion magazine ELLE®.

In addition, I honestly did not want to ask a favor from the French since they only seem to be nice to us every once in a while, e.g. The Revolutionary War (1778), the Louisiana Purchase (1803), Statue of Liberty (1886), NATO (1949) and Disneyland Paris (1992). Instant Legal List was dismissed outright because of the bad acronym (ILL). Plus we did not want people to think that using our website would make them sick. If so, we’d probably have to deal with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for final approval!

Consequently, Anything Legal List was born. It aptly conveys what is spells. Find it ALL in our various legal forums, e.g. announcements, case referrals, experts/professionals, office space available/needed, networking events, staffing needs, seminars and more!