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This site was created by an attorney for attorneys, mediators, law students, bar associations and career services offices. Anything Legal List® is owned and operated by Anything Legal List, LLC®, hereinafter called ALL, a Florida based corporation. It was created by Evan M. Ostfeld, Esquire, a licensed attorney with over 25 years of experience. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing. ALL is NOT a legal services plan nor a lawyer referral service.

In his law practice, Evan co-chairs the Solo Small Law Firm Networking Group for the Broward County Bar Association, and is known in circles as the “Referral King® .” Moreover, he is a veteran of several networking/social groups, including AVVO®, Business Network International (BNI)®, Florida Lawyers Network(F.L.N.)® , Legal Max®, Linked In®, Premier Network Alliance (P.N.A.)®, the local chambers of commerce. Evan participates with many different referral services, pre-paid legal plans and/or professional associations that also help generate new clients.

These groups include: the American Bar Association, Broward County Bar Association, Collier County Bar Association, Dade County Bar Association, Florida Bar, Lee County Bar Association, Palm Beach County Bar Association, South Palm Beach County Bar Association, American Prepaid Legal Services®, AMEX Legal®, ARAG Legal®, Caldwell Legal, USA®, Ceridian Performance Partners®, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.®, Equal Justice for All®, Guardian Legal Services®, Hyatt Legal Plans®, Law Phone®, Legal Club of America®, Legal Shield®, LMO America Legal®, Legal Zoom®, Pre-Paid Legal Services®, Signature Legal®, Southern Legal Services®, The Legal Plan®, Total Help Lawyer Referral Services®, Total Legal Care®, TVC Pro-Driver, Inc.®, U.S. Legal Services, Inc.®, US Union Network® and the Voluntary Legal Plan®.

Although these resources are indeed helpful in building your clientele, a definite application was missing. Anything Legal List® is, frankly, a simpler, more immediate and time-saving tool!